LIUNA (Laborers` International Union of North America) Local 183 is a union representing over 50,000 construction workers in the Greater Toronto Area. The union has been in negotiations with the Construction Employers Coordination Council of Ontario (CECCO) since April 2021 for a new collective agreement, commonly referred to as the LIUNA 183 contract. The contract would cover wages, benefits, and working conditions for LIUNA Local 183 members for the next few years.

The negotiations have been ongoing, with both parties working to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. The previous agreement expired on June 30, 2021, and negotiations continued without an official extension. However, in August 2021, the union and the employers agreed to extend the expired contract until December 31, 2021, while negotiations continue.

The LIUNA 183 contract is significant for both the union members and the construction industry in the Greater Toronto Area. For LIUNA Local 183 members, the contract determines their wages, benefits, and working conditions. A fair and just agreement will ensure that the members receive proper compensation for their labor, ensuring their well-being, and that of their families.

The contract negotiations also have an impact on the construction industry in the Greater Toronto Area. LIUNA Local 183 members play a significant role in the construction industry, and an agreement that benefits both parties is essential for the industry`s growth. A fair contract will ensure that construction projects in the area continue, without disruptions due to labor disputes.

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